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Synaptix Games Releases Days of Destruction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The Grand Valley's gaming scene just got bigger. Two local men have finally turned their dream into a virtual reality.

Wednesday morning they released their alien mothership game after 3 years of perfecting it.

In a world where UFOs and aliens meet, lies the efforts of a local tech based group.

"If you were to look at images of these games 2 1/2 years ago, they would look completely different and much less sophisticated," said Co-founder of Synaptix Games Robert Madsen.

The images once created on a whiteboard are now on a computer screen that can be seen worldwide. Grand Junction based Synaptix Games released their virtual reality game, Day of Destruction.

"There's a huge alien spaceship and in our game you're the alien attacking the planet."

The co-founder has been working on this project for the past three years which he says has been a team effort from designers, programmers, and artists.  

"Once you got those three components together in the computer and then we'll start with a rough version with it and then we just make it better, better, and better."

However the job couldn't have been done without his son, Stephen Madsen --the inspiration behind the game and his interest for one movie.

"I liked independence day as a kid and thought it would be cool to recreate that scene of being the big UFOs coming over the city," said Stephen, Lead Software Engineer.

And it's because of their collaboration that their game can be seen on screens around the world.

"We have the same passions and the same thing. We both like sci-fi, aliens, and space and Star Wars. So it's pretty easy to get on the same page, just go forward and make a project happen."

His father added, "The great thing is we work well together because I've got a lot of this experience having worked in computers for thirty-some-odd years, but he's got the the fresh young experience."

Their efforts finally being showcased with high hopes for their future.

"We want to make it as available to as many people as possible. Ultimately we'll make a version that you can play without VR."

With the final goal of seeing their game being played on the Playstation and mobile VR.

Synaptix Games tells me in order for the game to work you must have a working PC and a VR headset.

Day of Destruction is available now on Steam.

For any questions regarding the game or equipment required you can email Robert Madsen at rmadesen@synaptixgames.com 

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