Take Note Colorado Launches Music Match Online Resource

Helping Young Students Develop an Interest and Passion Towards Music

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - To help reinforce music education in students all around Colorado, a new online resource that launched Monday that will allow music educators to post their needs online to help support music students in the classroom.

You can't have music without melody, harmony, and rhythm working in unison, just like how school's wouldn't be able to provide such great educational music programs without working together.

This new online resource will help them in that effort.

For every great musician that has lived, they all started at the basics, and whether those basics began at plucking a few strings, or banging on the drums, they would've never brought us some of the most influential pieces if someone hadn't reinforced their passion.

Take Note Colorado is reinforcing students' interest in music and helping them develop that interest with the launch of a new online program for music educators called "Music Match".

"I think even more today, music education is so important because not only does it teach horizontal and vertical thinking skills at the same time. Vertical is mathematics and horizontal is your reading, so it teaches those at the same time and it's also teaching accountability, self-discipline, self-control, teamwork, and all kinds of things", says Kathy Joseph the Music Coordinator for School District 51.

"It's been proven that kids are more well adjusted, they do better in school. All of you're top students are musically involved", says Joseph.

To help continue keeping Colorado students on top, that's where programs like Take Note Colorado's "Music Match" are helping music educators reach out to their communities to help fulfill needs for our young musicians.

"We're getting guitar labs, keyboard labs, rhythm equipment, speakers, amps, and percussion sets. It's really going to expand what the kids' capabilities are", says Joseph.

This resource allows anyone in the community to reinforce a student's passion towards music, whether they're a community member, a business, or are just passionate towards student development.

Take Note Colorado started in May of last year and is Co-Chaired by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Isaac Slade, the lead singer of "The Fray", which also found their fame starting out as a small local Denver band.

Funding for the pilot schools chosen comes out to more than $450,000 dollars to support musical instruments and instruction for Colorado students.

To find out more head to www.takenotecolorado.org/music-match.

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