Take The Plunge - Drown Out Hunger

Take The Plunge - Drown Out Hunger

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Students at Messiah Lutheran school have been collecting food to help those in need.

The reward for reaching the five thousand item food drive goal? Dunking their teachers in cold water.

The students at Messiah Lutheran school got to watch a few of the staff members take the plunge today.

"We came up with it several months ago when our food pantry was depleted almost."

The "Take The Plunge - Drown The Hunger" challenge is all about filling up the food pantry, that way they can supply food for the folks that really need it.

"If we can get five thousand plus items, we're going to dunk all of the unfortunate, I mean fortunate people that are going to be there."

The initial goal was to collect one thousand items of food, but that was quickly surpassed, and the goal was raised all the way up to five thousand.

"We ended up bringing in 5,453 items, and we had four additional teachers agree to take the plunge, because they love our school, and they love our kids and how hard they work, and the heart that they have."

In last years challenge, they collected about five thousand items of food, but this year, they beat that number and collected well over five thousand items.

"What a blessing for the community, and a great job by the boys and girls, and our staff, and our church family here at Messiah Lutheran."

A lot of food got collected, and a lot of staff members got really cold, and really wet.

Even though Messiah Lutheran is a small school with only one hundred and ten students, they have a big heart for the community and supporting the ones who need help.

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