Texas Woman Reacts to Shooting

Reaction from One Woman Who Lives Near Shooting

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The fatal shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, has shocked the small town community. News Channel Five's Colette Bordelon happens to have family living in that area, and spoke with one woman who says she personally knew some of the victims.

Elizabeth Hodge lives in Floresville, and she said the church where the shooting happened is about 10 minutes from her home. In the face of this tragedy, she said the community will come together. "Just my heart, just really really aches, you know for every single one of them. The tragedy that they had to face. Looking the gunman in the face, knowing that they may not make it out, it's really heart wrenching. I haven't slept, I haven't... It just weighs heavy on your mind and you hurt for people, even people you don't know, and you just really hurt for them. There's a lot of people out there praying and thinking about them, and sending prayers, and just banding together to help them survive," said Hodge.

Her young children went to school with some of the other children that were injured or killed, and Hodge had to explain the situation to them. She said she always teaches her sons one very important lesson, which has been reinforced since the shooting. "You never know, one day to the next, if you are going to be here with each other. But you just gotta always continue to live your life to the fullest, and you really just have to cherish every thing and everybody in your community, and be involved as much as you can," said Hodge.

Here at News Channel Five, our hearts go out to both the victims and those affected by this act of violence.

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