Our sales person here at KREX, Leah ... met Della in early November at the UPS store...she was mailing a quilt. Leah asked her what she was doing and she said she's part of a quilting group at the Church of Christ on 29 and Patterson here in Grand Junction that meets twice a month to make quilts for people across the country and across the globe... and ships them out to victims of natural disasters or people in need of some comfort. I called Della and she invited me to come down to one of her Tuesday sessions. What I found was a wonderful group of women ( I'm told some men join the group) ...who donate their time to piecing together quilts for people they'll never meet. I also met Melva...who not only quilts, but makes fresh cinnamon rolls and bakes fresh bread for the group at lunch every meeting! What I came away with was an amazing sense of community, giving and joy. Good people doing good things. To date...Della and the crew have donated more than a 1,000 quilts since they started 13 years ago.

Here is Della's and the Church of Christ's 'Allgood News' Quilting story ...right here on Newschannel 5.       

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