The Bureau of Land Management Seeks Public Comments

The BLM Seeks Comments on Special Recreation Permits

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - The Bureau of Land Management Grand Junction Field Office is accepting public comments on 21 commercial Special Recreation Permit applications.

The BLM operates over public lands, which may provide things like recreation businesses with a place to conduct their business. These recreational activities include things like hunting, ranching, rafting, and canoeing. Since there could be revenue generated on these public lands, the BLM is responsible for making sure the general public is also benefiting from their use. "It's your public land. And if someone is generating revenue on your public lands, then you have a say in how they're permitted. And we take that information that you give us very seriously," says Chris Joyner, the Public Affairs Specialist for the BLM.

The comments from the public can determine if a permit is renewed or not. They encourage sharing any experiences, good or bad, about the permit holders on BLM land. These comments are best if written, and can be contributed either in their office or online. Comments are most helpful if received by April 1st, but they will accept them at any time as well.

In 2015, recreation activities on BLM land created $543 million dollars and supported 4,625 jobs in Colorado.

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