Tour of Dreams Makes A Stop in the Grand Valley

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Dreamers from all around Colorado came to Grand Junction Saturday night to fight to stay in the country.

These dreamers are traveling to 9 cities in Colorado to have the communities understand what it means to be a dreamer. This after Democrats were calling to approve an extension of DACA as part of the agreement to pass a new budget for the federal government but wound up passing the budget without extending DACA.

"If you as an individual don't take any action, nothing's going to happen."

That's what Christian Solano-Crodoba and a few other dreamers are asking for during the Tour of Dreams --a movement to have communities join them to have congress take action on the Dream Act.

"We've been handing out little postcards for them to send to legislators on why they support the Dream Act and building power in our communities," said Solano-Crodoba.

Solano who migrated here from Mexico when he was just 3 years old says being a dreamer is a struggle and sacrifice --"For me it's a lot of pain, but with pain always comes growth."

And that growth led him to become the first undocumented Student Body President at his university but with not knowing what's going to happen to the Dream Act his dreams of going to med school were uncertain.

"It felt like my world came crashing down. My one goal was thrown out the window."

The dreamer who pays taxes and contributes to society as any other American says he is seen as a burden by some.

"Yet somehow I am labeled as someone who's not holding their end of the deal."

He joins other dreamers who hope that they can continue their education and one day help out others and they are asking for current citizens to help them out now.

"But at the end of the day I don't have a vote but you as an individual do have a vote and apart from that you also have a voice and I would encourage you to use that voice."

Next up on the tour is Silverthorne and Carbondale.

To find out more about the Tour of Dreams you can text JUSTICE 18 to 94502.

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