UPDATE: Grand Junction Powerball Winner Comes Forward

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - The Colorado Lottery has confirmed to News Channel 5 that someone has come forward to claim the $133.2 million Powerball prize. A lottery spokesperson has only identified the winner as Judy F. of Grand Junction, saying the lottery still needs to confirm she is the winner.


Luck has been running through Grand Junction this weekend. 

Three Powerball winners purchased winning tickets at different locations within the city, and Lucky Me Super Store on 29 Road and Patterson Road happens to be one of them. The store sold the winning ticket for $133.2 million.

One person says with that kind of money he would start a new life.

"Start over. Start your life over. Now that you have money," said Timothy McDermott a Grand Junction resident.

Whether the winners selected their own numbers or went with a quick pick is unknown, but you have to be pretty lucky to win says Kelly Tabor, media relations specialist for Colorado Lottery.

"The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292 million, " Tabor said.

The other location luck was roaming around is the Walmart fuel center on Warrior Way where the winning ticket for $100,000 was sold, but yet no sign of the winner.

"Nah, I'm not one of them. I wish I was though, " McDermott said.

McDermott says once he heard about the three winning tickets he now feels like testing his own luck, "Maybe Wednesday I might buy a ticket, when I get paid."

The third stop luck brushed upon is the Safeway located on Horizon Drive where the winning ticket for $50,000 was sold.

Winners can choose from two options to receive their money. For example the person with the winning ticket for $133.2 million can choose to receive their money through a annuity or lump sum option.

"The winner can choose the annuity option, which would be the entire jackpot spread out over 29 years. The biggest check is going to be the very last one, but most people opt out for the cash lump sum value, which is about $84 million. As far as taxes go they are looking at 29%," Tabor said.

That is a 29% loss from the total jackpot.

"25% goes to the federal government and 4% goes to the state of Colorado," Tabor said.

Luckily Colorado is not a bad state to win in she adds, "Colorado has one of the lower tax rates as far as taxing gambling winnings go."

The last time someone in the Western Slope hit the Powerball was in 2014. A ticket was purchased in Rifle for $90 million dollars.

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