Volunteers Needed for TABOR Committee

FRUITA, Colo. - The City of Fruita needs volunteers to become apart of this year's TABOR Citizen Review Committee.

The committee will review the current revenue retention measure from the previous measure, passed in 2012, and determine if this will be the right thing to pursue again for the community.

The measure allows the city to keep funds, collected in excess of TABOR limits, which is then used as leverage for grants, limited to capital projects and their maintenance.

Dave Karisny, a member of the Fruita City Council, explained, "what the committee will do is meet a couple times, and then in September, they'll present to the city council." Karisny added, "the city council will then determine if they want to take that to a ballot question. If so, they'll do that in April."

City residents interested in joining the committee, can apply by calling the city clerk at 970-858-3663, heading over to the Fruita Civic Center, or online here. Applications are due August 9th, 2017.


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