Western Colorado Meets West Africa

Fall Dance Concert Explores New Beats

Grand Junction, CO - When you do things out of the ordinary, some people say you are dancing to a different drummer. For the dance students at CMU, preparing for their fall concert, they literally are dancing to a different drummer.

 As part of this fall’s program, the students will perform a West African work done by guest choreographers Marilyn and Sekou Sylla.

"They do such a great job of making everything lively, fun, as well as giving the cultural background behind their West African work that they teach," says CMU dance professor and concert coordinator Meredith Lyons.

"The difference of the West African work is that we don’t have a West African class here at all. The West African work, music and dance are fused together the entire time, so it’s all live music, and the students learn how to drum and the drummers learn how to dance. And, we don’t have that here at CMU. We don’t have live accompaniment, at least in the dance program.”

The program also features dances choreographed by students and teachers, like a piece called, Go-Set-Ready, by Professor Amanda Benzin.

"Ready, set, go backwards, essentially. The concept behind it is that we are not always ready and set to go, sometimes we start with the go, and then find our way back to setting. It’s kind of a mixture of contemporary, modern, post modern dance and more rhythmic jazz forms."

In an unlikely setting, cultures will be coming together, as CMU brings together western Colorado with West Africa.

For information on times of the performance, and tickets click here.

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