People You Can Count On: Jessica Morris

- "Our industry isn't the most fabulous job. I mean who wants to clean a toilet? But if it wasn't for our business, other companies couldn't function. I guess being able to relieve stress from other personal lives it's definitely a bonus," explains Jessica Morris, the owner of Maid2Impress, a Grand Junction cleaning company that strives to help organizations and families in the community.

"We do a lot of cooking for single moms. We've volunteered for homeward bound. We donate 10% of all our new business revenue each month to a local non profit. Every month were finding something that we can get our hands on," adds Jessica.

Even friends and family know how important giving back to the Grand Valley is for the Maid2Impress owner.

"Anything she can personally or professionally do with her business, sponsoring any event she can with Maid2Impress, she's just always right there," adds Barbara Walsh.

"She's the chair for March for Babies, she's co-founder of Delaney Donates, she volunteers at Homeward Bound, she sets up concerts; anything that can raise money for people in need," says Kristina Haws.

"We knew when we opened up this business it was just a supplemental income. Our true passion was being out in the community and giving back. Behind the scenes, we're constantly giving back to local charities and non profits, and even just individuals that are in need," comments Jessica.

"She just means the world to so many people in this community. I thought this is the perfect way to give back to someone who gives so much and doesn't necessarily receive the same in return, and she doesn't expect to," adds Kristina.

And that's why Jessica Morris is September's People You Can Count on Recipient.

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