17 Strong Whipped Cream Challenge

One non-profit with ties to Grand Junction has started the Whipped Cream Challenge to raise money for young adults with life-threatening illnesses.

The challenge is designed to raise funds for 17 Strong, a non-profit that sends young adults with life-threatening illnesses on Victory Trips.  These trips are meant to give someone recovering from an illness the opportunity to do something they've always wanted tc do.

This non-profit was founded by CMU baseball's Ryan Teixeira who passed away this March after two separate battles with cancer.  Teixeira's parents are co-founders of 17 Strong and his childhood friend and CMU teammate Garrett Ball said 17 Strong is helping fulfill Teixeira's dream of helping others.

"He wanted to start a not profit, so his family continued on with his ideas and his legacy," said Ball.  "They're kind of the platform he's speaking through now.  They've been doing a great job, they've been trying to hit the ground running with it over the past few months... As long as we continue to spread Ryan's legacy and help other people through 17 Strong, I really see it being a really good thing in the years to come."

You can visit http://seventeenstrong.org to donate or purchase 17 Strong apparel to fund Victory Trips.


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