Local Teens Return from USA Racquetball Junior Olympics

Racquetball has never been the popular sport, but that hasn't stopped Lily Caldwell and Matt Miller from getting on the court.

"I've been playing for 10 years and I've been seriously competitively playing for eight," said Lily.

At 14, Lily's spent most of her life with a racquet in hand, but Matt picked up the sport in high school after joining his school's tennis team.

"I just thought it'd be fun to try," said Matt." I signed up and I really enjoyed it, so I kept with it."

It's become more than just a hobby for the two.  Matt and Lily recently returned from the USA Racquetball Junior Olympics in California where they competed in late June.

"It's way more kids, way more professional coaching, professional players even. It's a lot more fun too. You get to play with better people which always makes you better," said Matt.

"It's super competitive, but really fun, and I've met a ton of great people," said Lily.

Despite the lack of local competition for Lily and Matt, they placed in the top four in their respective divisions in a field of almost 200 players from 24 states across the country.

Lily's headed to Grand Junction High School in the fall where she hopes to start a high school team, but her racquetball aspirations don't stop there.

"I'd like to get scholarship to some college and play and make it on to the pro team and help get the sport more active."

As for Matt, he's headed to Texas Tech where he'll play on the club team.

"I just want to play competitively and have a lot of fun. It's more just playing and meeting new people.  [I like] going to the big tournaments and trying to win as much as I can."

Lily and Matt have both been to the USA Racquetball Junior Olympics before.  This was Matt's second year and Lily's fourth.

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