Stocker Stadium Undergoes Turf Replacement

The field at Stocker Stadium is undergoing a major renovation to install a new turf field.

Crews started removing turf on Tuesday and on Thursday they will start removing the air field drain system and liner. Once all that is gone, they will re-grade the surface and start the process to place down a new liner and reinstall the drain system. By the end of June, they'll start laying the new turf down.

The new turf is a two-layer system made of sand and rubber which will make this turf play more like a turf grass field. The city of Grand Junction hopes the new field will last another decade.

"The turf has an average life," said Grand Junction Parks Supervisor Marc Mancuso. "They put a warranty of eight years on that and you can get 10 to 12 years if maintained properly, which we got 10 years out of this turf.  For the amount of use and being open to the public I felt like it really served it's purpose well, so we're expecting to get another 10 years, 10 to 12 years out of this product."

The project was funded by a 200-thousand dollar Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease Grant, 200-thousand dollars from the Parks Improvement Advisory Board, and partner funding from Colorado Mesa University, School District 51, and the city of Grand Junction.

Facilities will be back open to the public by August 2.

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