World Class Athlete Wrestlers Train with Warriors

It's not everyday you get to train with an Olympian, but wrestlers at Central High School were in for a special treat.

"It's a one of a kind experience," said senior wrestler Riley Garner-Orr. "We have an Olympic wrestler coming in and helping us with all our techniques.  I feel like it's a major advantage over other teams."

"[Sergeant Mango] has so much talent and stuff to bring to the table for us," said senior EJ Barrera.  "He gives us a lot of info and stuff to work on."

Spenser Mango is a two time Olympian with Team USA, but unlike most athletes, Sergeant Spenser Mango had to juggle the responsibility of being both a soldier and wrestler.

"It's a little difficult at times," said Mango. "But you don't get anywhere in life without a little bit of difficulty."

Mango wrestled with the Army's World Class Athlete Program.  The program allows active duty soldiers the opportunity to train and compete for national and international sports competitions.  Sergeant Mango has since retired from the sport, but now gives back to the younger generation of wrestlers.

"I got into wrestling in high school and I fell in love with the sport," said Mango.  "I'm actually done competing, but it's almost just as good as competing, being able to teach somebody the skills that you've learned, and be successful."

Current Army World Class Athlete wrestler Sergeant Max Nowry shares that sentiment as well.  Sergeant Nowry is currently training to make the 2020 Olympics.

"I hope they get motivated and see potential in themselves," said Nowry.  "Coming up I wasn't the greatest wrestler. I had awesome advice thrown my way, awesome coaches. That really pushed me to be where I am today."

Nowry said he's happy to see how much the sport has grown and hopes to see it continue to grow.

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