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KREX 5 & FOX 4 Reporter Cora Dickey practically left her South Carolina roots, moved from the other side of the country to Colorado, all to get her career in journalism off the ground in November 2020. After receiving her journalism-concentrated bachelor’s degree in communication with at Regent University, giving grad school a try, and sharpening her writing skills as an Odyssey Online content creator & Something in the Water Festival media correspondent for Pharrell Williams in Virginia Beach, she is so thankful that the legacy of relatives from the Grand Valley gave her some street cred at her arrival and set up a warm embrace of support from the community she serves.

Aside from reporting, she loves to dance, exercise, throw axes at Axeology, cheering people on in karaoke, and keep in touch with her family and friends scattered across the East Coast and beyond. She keeps herself grounded by what she devotes her time to, like livestreaming Sunday services at Transformation Church. She is a foodie based on texture: she cringes at chopped onions in her food because they look like toenail clippings but she can only do spicy foods up to an extent. The colorful outfits she wears represent her style as body positive person which makes Torrid in town more fun where every shopping trip feels like a fashion show.

“It’s my work but it’s your story.” — Cora Dickey

As a child, Cora wanted to be a talk show host. For her, being a reporter means being a mouthpiece for the community through the stories. Her creative organization and relentless ambition are what makes her delighted to blend interpersonal communication with creative storytelling in the stories she gets, without derailing from the truth. If that ever stops being the gist of the job, that’s when Cora knows it’s time to move on. It has always been her passion to be in news, and she is honored to help give people a voice.

No matter what creative transition she does, from popping onto your screen to being playful with a prop or effect, Cora is grateful that this job allows her to connect with those around her. The stories close to her heart are those where she gets to inform & impact people for the better.

Being an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists has given her connections across the country. Casually meeting people like Grammy-award winning artist Ne-Yo, 2017 Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr, and Bernie Sanders got being starstruck out her system, making her opportunity to cover of Country Jam and interviewing Lainey Wilson more of a cake walk.

“It’s your world, I’m just trying to cover it.” — Cora Dickey

There’s no exact dream destination Cora has for her career; all she knows is reporting is what she wants to do. Now that she’s an aunt, her main goal is to make enough money in her career to be there for her loved ones and have great work-life balance so she can be part of her niece’s life.

As always, she enjoys hearing your story ideas, news tips, and words of affirmation. Her line is open at If you see an 843-area code phone number afterwards, — it’s Cora, not a telemarketer.

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