GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — On Thursday Terri Cohee took the stand forced to relive the horrific moments from nearly two years ago when she found a human head in her son’s closet, and on Friday, dad took the stand.

The currently unemployed Brian Cohee senior who founded the local Save-A-Life-Jacket program in 1994, broke down the night of the murder for prosecutors while his son nearly devoid of all emotion shared a scowl with his dad.

Cohee senior describes an odd family movie night back on February 27, 2021, where his son, Brian picked the movie 1984 which Cohee senior and his wife of 27 years found to be a strange choice for a family get-together.

Family time ended at 10 p.m. and hours later on February 28, Cohee senior recalls feeling suspicious when he saw blood on the trunk and questioned his son but a cold calculating Cohee Jr told his parents he cut his finger.

When the Cohee’s reclaimed their son’s river-dipped car Cohee senior says he found the wallet belonging to Barnes, found a knife in the glove box and white latex gloves, the knife was clean.

Cohee senior told prosecutors about the day of his son’s arrest after his wife discovered the head and heard his son tell deputies, “I murdered him with a knife. I always wanted to know what murder felt like.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Brian Cohee Jr said these words. During the video of his interrogation, he gives investigators a detailed account of the night of the murder. He says as he paused from stabbing Barnes up to 40 times while growling with excitement, Barnes asked why he was doing this and Cohee says, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long expletive time!”

The second week of the three-week trial continues on Monday.