MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KREX) — The SB19-235 bill streamlined automatic voter registration in 2019 and made it clear voters need correct information to make their vote count. Voter information automatically transfers to the Secretary of State’s office when unregistered Department of Motor Vehicles customers provide identification and prove their eligibility to vote.

Mesa County Director of Elections Brandi Bantz says automatic registration improves the database.

“We’re getting those updates on a daily basis instead of sporadically,” Mesa County Director of Elections Brandi Bantz shares, “It’s really good for our office to get that completed and have it accurate right away.”

These updates mean more eligible Coloradans can participate in elections and receive their mail ballots at their current, correct address. Because the improved system means a growing list of eligible voters, the elections office must also grow to keep up with increased demand.

“We’ve added printing and inserting and mailing out but, overall, it’s a good process to help keep things clean and keep voters informed about what is going on record,” Bantz elaborates.

Small changes, like updating your address along with your license at the DMV, makes a huge impact on your eligibility to vote. Mesa County elections office also wants local voters to know about another important change as the primaries get closer.

“The county had a change in selection boundary,” Bantz shares, “I encourage people to go look to see if their senate district has changed, or if their precinct number has changed because that will affect them if they participate in the party precinct caucuses.”

To confirm you’re in the precinct or to make sure your voter status, registration, and information are all up to date, go to