GRAND JUNCTION (KREX) — You’ve probably used a bullet or blender to juice fruits and vegetables to get your day started, but can you imagine the process a business has to go through to juice up their profits?

Our Khira Isaacs talked to a professional juicer who turned her hobby into a business and travels the state juicing fruit on a grand scale.

“I had been in the restaurant business then I spent 25 years in banking. And then I decided I didn’t really want to be in banking anymore so then I decided to start making hard cider,” says Summit Mobile Juicing owner, Jennifer Seiwald.

Cider, one of the many products, made with the help of “Helga”.

“She’s both strong and temperamental,” continues Seiwald.

Jennifer’s talking about her mighty mobile trailer equipped with a giant stainless steel juicer.

“We process between 500 thousand and 800 thousand pounds of fruit,” continues Seiwald.

Fruits, farmers and orchards throughout Colorado contract with Jennifer to juice.

“We take it and run it through Helga and then we produce these boxes that we give back to them for them to sell at their fruit stands and events throughout the course of the year,” she says.

While the end result is a neat box with a label, the process to get there requires a little effort…

“Right now, we’re pumping them into totes and then they go through the pasteurizer,” continues Jennifer.

The fruits are placed in the bin dumper, filled into the washtub, travels up the elevator, is broken down in the grinder, before sliding through a tubed system — linked to the pasteurizer. And then boxed and binned.

Nothing goes to waste including skins.

“It goes to feed live stock. Hogs, sheep, turkeys,” says Jennifer.

Jed Murray of “Triple M. Orchards” says his partnership with Jennifer has been fruitful.

“I heard about her, about three years ago .. thought well why not try a couple hundred boxes and see how that goes,” says co-owner of Triple M Orchards, Jed Murray.

Three years later, a couple hundred boxes turned into 2500.

It’s a crushing 12 hour shift, but the fruits of their labor are sweet.

“Hard cider, non-alcoholic cider, brandy, peach beer, you name it,” laughs Jennifer.