DENVER (KDVR) — Despite being hundreds of miles away, Coloradans who live in the high country and the San Louis Valley will feel the impact of the Boulder wildfires in their own homes.

According to a news release from Xcel Energy, the wildfires have impacted the company’s natural gas infrastructure. To decrease the strain on the system, the company is putting in place controlled electrical outages in Summit, Grand, Lake, Eagle, Saguache, Rio Grande and Alamosa Counties through Thursday night.

No more blackouts are expected in the Mountain Parks Electric service area in Grand County, according to the local sheriff’s office.

The outages are expected to last about an hour each. Xcel Energy is asking customers in Summit and Grand Counties to conserve natural gas during this time.

Currently, Xcel Energy is still assessing whether it is safe to re-enter their facility and restore service to normal.

The company is asking customers in those areas to prepare for controlled outages by shutting off electronics and devices. You can find more energy conservation tips here.

Xcel Energy shut off natural gas services to customers in Superior and Louisville to minimize safety concerns.