GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) — Tuesday’s press conference was all about going green in Colorado.
CDOT and Colorado energy officials announced Class 8 Nikola zero-emission electric big rigs, will soon hit Colorado highways.

Kay Kelly, with CDOT, says, “it’s really exciting to see a class a semi-truck available for sale in the state of Colorado.” Nikola Corp. is selling its trucks in Colorado through using Wagner Equipment Corp.

Kelly also says, “these vehicles are being driven day and night. They’re driven over a long synthesis and with heavy loads. Delivering the goods and services that everyone in the state relies on and you know with I-70 in the state, we’re a major thoroughfare for other states and commerce.”

Trucking companies can now order the electric rigs and help clean up Colorado’s air. Kelly added, “these trucks are less than 10% of the vehicles on the road. They’re 22% of our on-road greenhouse gas emissions, they’re a significant portion of our ozone precursor emissions.”

Kelly says Colorado is leading the pack, in this new effort to clear the air. Kelly also says, “I think Colorado is definitely leading on clean trucks, they’re a lot of states working like we are to make their state a friendly environment for zero-emission trucks.”

CDOT officials are working toward a concrete goal, “we have a goal to reduce emissions from medium and heavy-duty at least 45% in Colorado by 2050.”

Ditching gasoline and diesel fuel will immediately save truckers, companies, and their clients a fortune. Drivers will eventually notice big changes too as more electric rigs hit the road. First, electric rigs run quiet, and second, the stench of diesel may soon be gone for good.