A new study ranks Colorado as the healthiest state, but why is it the healthiest state?

Andrea Bartlett says it’s the great outdoors. “For one reason, it attracts people who want to be outdoors, and if you live here, you want to be outdoors”, says Bartlett.

The great outdoors may be a factor, but the study by says both income and education are the key predictors of health, and says Colorado is the 2nd most educated state and the 5th best paying state.

That’s not all. The study also says Colorado women are the healthiest while men rank second.

School teacher, and mountain biker, Joe Graham says, “Women are a little more conscientious about taking care of themselves than men are until it’s too late for us.”

Andrea makes a similar observation saying, “When I’m out here, I have to admit, I think I see more women than I do men.”

Two in three adults are clinically overweight or obese, according to, but Colorful Colorado stands out. In the pursuit of good health, some Coloradans walk their dogs, or the dogs walk them, and others like the wind through their helmet, or the weights in their hands.

Bartlett says, “The dogs I have really help me get outside. I try to get out oh, 3, 4, 5 times a week.”

I’ve been mountain biking in the last 2 years, and I try to go a couple times a week”, says Graham.

Fitness Director for Mesa Fitness, Keallan Dowells knows a thing or ten about fitness. “I do enjoy cross fit, and I actually do it myself”, says Dowells.

If you’re curious about which state is second healthiest, it’s Hawaii, and Mississippi ranked the most unhealthy in America.

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