MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — At approximately 3 p.m. on the afternoon of April 20, a call was received by dispatch saying an explosion took place in the 100 block of Park Avenue in Montrose. Emergency services responded immediately and began efforts to extinguish a fully-involved structure. Crews are currently still cleaning up hotspots and working to make the area safe for the public. The 500 block of North First Avenue is still currently closed.

During the response to the incident, firefighters took additional precautions due to bottled oxygen and other flammable gasses being present at the facility. Electrical services and natural gas were shut off early in the response, and detours were set up to ensure public safety.

“We lost a building, but we saved a block,” said Montrose Fire Protection District Chief Tad Rowan. “I am proud of the quick work of our responders in immediately providing protection to the other flammable gases on site. This plan of attack limited the damage to the structure and the area. Our hearts go out to the individuals impacted by today’s incident, and to our community for the fire damage to a historic downtown building. I am grateful to our local and regional agencies that assisted with today’s response.”

According to a press release from Montrose Fire Protection District says that four person were taken to the hospital with injuries, with two people in good condition, one in fair condition, and another in critical condition. This differs from information received from Montrose Regional health that stated three injured persons were in good condition.

Sources have told KREX that the explosion occurred at Hartman Brothers, a medical and mechanical supply company. The building was evacuated, but there are reports of potential injuries.

According to Montrose City PIO William Woody, flames reached up 100 feet in the air and the evacuation has been extended to a 4 block radius.

KREX will continue to provide updates as they become available.