Holiday travel during Labor Day weekend

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — The Labor Day weekend is the second deadliest holiday for travelers according to AAA.

Officials with the agency are warning anyone traveling over the weekend to avoid rushing to your destination, so you can enjoy that last bit of summer, safely.

Skyler McKinley with AAA, says, “when we look at the tragedies that occur over the holiday weekends, they tend to relate to three big factors, number one is speeding, number two is impairment and number three is not wearing a seatbelt. Those are all completely preventable behaviors. It’s really easy to keep yourself safe by just being responsible.”

Along with personal responsibility, the safety and well-being of others should also be a high priority especially as the country continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Allison Howe with Mesa County Public Health, says, “we’re all tired and have had yeah some of our best intentions tested during this pandemic, but it is critical now more than ever to take care of our neighbors because we are all tired and we need to take care of each other so we can finish this battle together.”

For some, Public Health recommends the battle be fought with a mask if you aren’t vaccinated.

Howe also says, “masking is that middle ground, it’s something that we know works and because we have children who are not eligible to receive the vaccine yet, those who are under 12 it’s just more important than ever.”

Howe added, “anything that can be outside, should be outside. Outdoor picnics, hikes. If you do have an intergenerational gathering just be really careful about that. The more you can have outdoors, the better.”

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