“How enforceable is it?”Gov. Polis explains how businesses can enforce executive mask order

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — As of Monday, Colorado is on day four of a 30-day mask mandate issued by Governor Jared Polis.

The bottom line is a mask is required in any public indoor space. You can learn more about the mandate by clicking here.

The governor is citing an uptick in COVID-19 cases in Colorado for this executive order.

On NBC’s meet the press on Sunday, Governor Jared Polis talked more about how businesses could enforce the policy.

Chuck Todd: “You had been a little hesitant, both on the stay at home order and with the masks both times wondering how enforceable these things are and you came around to both of them. But let me ask you this: How enforceable is your mandate?”

Gov. Polis: “Well I think any governor, democrat or republican, should be hesitant to do any of these things. I think people want a governor who is going to hesitate and double check things before they do any of these overarching orders that no governor ever wants to do. There’s a number of ways local municipalities have enforced it. One of the things is it allows our small businesses, our retailers, our grocers to do, is if somebody is trying to trespass without a mask and they ask them to leave nicely and they don’t, then they can call upon local law enforcement for trespassing to try to help remove them from the store, so they’re not threatening or endangering the other employees or other customers.”

The mask mandate is going to expire on August 14 unless it’s extended by the governor, which will be determined based on the severity of COVID-19 cases in Colorado.

In a statement Friday, Grand Junction City Officials said the city and local law enforcement are ready to work with the community to help educate and enforce this executive order regarding mask usage in public indoor spaces.

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