How the Pandemic Impacted Romantic Relationships

Colorado News

DENVER, Colo. — For nearly a year, partners, from new relationships to long-lasting marriages, have been forced to stay home – with little to do but spend time together.
And while some couples have called it quits during the lockdown, psychologists say those that weathered the storm actually came out stronger.

“For many couples, it has been a polarizing experience that if they were on the rocks or having a lot of tension already, the Coronavirus experience really made them stop and think about what they want and what they value,” says Dr. Susan Albers, a Psychologist at Cleveland Clinic. “And for many decided to break up the relationship. But for couples who have normal every day issues and conflict, this has brought them closer together,” she says.

A recent survey shows most couples believe quarantine has, in fact, brought them even closer.
And the number one factor keeping love in lockdown alive?
Small tokens of appreciation.

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