DENVER (KDVR) — As a violent attack continues in Israel, a handful of Coloradans are traveling to the country, some to help fight.

Rabbi Menachem Siderson of Aish of the Rockies said seven members of his synagogue have now arrived in Israel. He said some are reservists in the Israeli army, while others are making the trip completely voluntarily.

“It was quite surprising to me, actually, to find out the news that we had young men and women that are in our community that just felt the need — one of them called it the raw need — to just pick up and find their way to Israel,” Siderson said. “It makes the emotions so much higher, so much more personal, when we know the people in our community who are no longer here because they are there risking their lives to protect the country.”

Siderson said all seven of them are in their 20s and said some are leaving behind families in Colorado to go help.

“They have jobs here, they have families here,” he said. “One of our members is a young man, recently married, brand new baby, and he just picked up and he’s there now. He landed this morning and is in one of the medical units attached to an army unit helping out.”

Siderson said his entire community is praying for their safe return, and for the end to the conflict.

“I’m extremely concerned, as we all are, for the safety of all the Jewish people, and in particular, the people from our community,” he said. “We’re Jewish people, we care about our brothers and sisters, we care about our homeland, and they felt that was the most important thing they could do, and if they had the ability, they were going to do it.”