Minimum wage in Denver to increase up to $16 by 2022

Colorado News

DENVER (AP) — City officials have announced plans to raise the minimum wage in Denver to about $16 an hour reflecting a more than $4 increase by 2022.

Officials say the increase was made official when Denver Mayor Michael Hancock signed it into law Wednesday two days after City Council approved the measure.

City officials say the minimum wage would start at $12.85 an hour starting Jan. 1 and increase to $14.77 in 2021 and $15.87 in 2022.

Officials say the amount would be adjusted each year after that based on the Consumer Price Index.

Denver’s current minimum wage is $11.10.

Hancock says the increase aims to target residents struggling the most.

Officials say lawmakers passed a law last year giving cities and counties the power to set their own minimum wages.

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