WASHINGTON- Despite President Trump’s attacks on mail-in ballots, Colorado has been using the system for the last 7 years, and a top Colorado republican lawmaker stands by Colorado’s election system.

Senator Cory Gardner was elected in 2014 by mail-in voting, he is facing reelection this November against former democratic governor John Hickenlooper.

In a KREX exclusive, Adrian Thomas asked the republican senator in Washington via Zoom if he agrees with President Trump’s concerns over mail-in ballots. The president has made claims in recent weeks that vote by mail will lead to fraud and inaccuracy.

Gardner did not answer the question directly, but affirmed his support for Colorado’s system, and said all states should be allowed to decide how to implement their elections.

“I think every state has the right to choose how it’s going to run it’s election and in Colorado we chose all mail balloting. It’s worked,” Gardner said. “Colorado chose to use all mail balloting. That’s what Colorado chose to do. But I just don’t think Washington D.C. should be in the business of telling a state how it’s going to carry out is elections.”

View the full interview in the video above to hear more about Senator Gardner’s thoughts on mail-in voting.