The West Slope Startup Week is a regional startup business conference that strives to bring local entrepreneurs, creatives, and developers together. According to the West Slope Startup Week lead organizer, this event is run by the business community for the business community.

After the pandemic forced last year’s conference to be completely virtual, organizers of the event have seen growth in participants.
“So many people were actually forced to re-evaluate what they did productively over this last year and more people went freelance, more people went location neutral. People started passion based side projects businesses and so there’s actually just a lot of energy right now in the start up community,” Kayleen Cohen West Slope Startup Week organizer, “I think people are really excited to just be together and support each other again.”

This completely free event is possible thanks to the many contributors including US bank, Downtown Grand Junction and West Slope Works.

The Western Slope is working to recover from COVID-19, but to anyone looking for help this entrepreneur supporter says,
“If you want something come make it happen. host an event, if there’s four people that show up at the coworking space then its a win for our community. I would say its all about connecting right now, we’re hungry for it. Come say hello and ask for help we’re here for you,” Spencer Ingram, West Slope Works said.

Although majority of this years conference is virtual, the remaining days of the West Slope Startup Week will be held in-person in Grand Junction and event organizers are already thinking about next years.
“So overall it’s been going really well. we have to ask ourselves, what can we do to next year to really continue to evolve and help support people and meet them where they are,” Ingram said.

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