Rural communities in Mesa County have been working to recover from COVID-19, and support funding is here. Mesa County Commissioners adopted a resolution authorizing the distribution of its American Rescue Plan and Local Fiscal Recovery funds to the Towns of Palisade, Collbran and De Beque.

According to the Mayor of Palisade, this funding will help prepare for future health care needs.
“Having the resource of the American Rescue Plan is going to be extremely critical to us. Not only on a day to day basis but to help us weather the next health care issues that may arise,” Greg Mikolai, Palisade Mayor said.

Mesa County Commissioners are excited to support rural communities as the Grand Valley strives to recover.
“These types of opportunities don’t come around often, and so we want to invest them in what’s most critically important in our community,” Janet Rowland, Mesa County Commissioner said.

The Town of Palisade has planned to repurpose this abandoned high school for years.
now, with the financial support of the American Rescue Plan, Palisade can direct the funding into something beneficial for everyone.
“A year or so ago, Community Hospital approached us and expressed interest in starting a new clinic here in Palisade. We have not had direct medical services here in town or on this end of the valley for well over 20 years,” Palisade Mayor Mikolai said.

Direct medical services are much-need in Palisade and will no longer be limited by small revenues.
“These are small communities with small revenues and yet they have big needs. They have sewer plants, water plants, and health care facilities and broadbands so this helps us invest in these important infrastructures,” Rowland said.