Adding your COVID-19 vaccine status to your resume could increase job opportunities


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — The Western Slope is growing, but so is the threat of new COVID-19 infections, because of the unvaccinated population.

The idea of listing your vaccination status on your resume could be the next biggest thing to landing that next interview.

Diane Schwenke, President and CEO of the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, says, “if you’re looking for a new position, I think putting your vaccination status on your resume is actually a relief to a lot of employers.”

The Chamber of Commerce saw this situation first hand and explains their protocol.

Schwenke also says, “I was interviewing for an open position last week and actually had a conversation with someone who was asking me, I’m not vaccinated, what’s going to be your policy, in here, we’re going to ask you to mask up.”

If you haven’t been vaccinated, it could cost you to lose a new opportunity and it could cost the company a fortune.

Schwenke added, “if you get COVID, we’re required to pay for your sick leave, if you are not vaccinated, we’re going to end up paying your tests and so we think it goes beyond the medical safety and the safety of our customers and fellow employees.”

Over 1200 hiring managers were asked if vax status on your resume would increase the likeliness of a new job, according to

33% said they would eliminate resumes without vaccine status.

Here’s the kicker, 69% would prioritize a resume if you’ve shown you’ve received the shot.

A local employment service says with new mandates in place, it could be hard to help pay for those to be trained if you haven’t rolled up your sleeve yet.

Curtis Englehart, Director of the Mesa County Workforce Center, says, “training opportunities where we can pay for somebody to go through it, but the only way they’re going to be employed with anybody if they get that vaccine and if they’re refusing to do so then it’s tough for us to pay for that training.”

These new mandates could jeopardize the jobs of 100 million employees across the country.

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