CDOT holds open house to discuss details on I-70B construction project


The Colorado Department of Transportation has an open house about the open road. Each open house highlights the improvements coming to Interstate 70-B, especially on the First Street and Grand Avenue intersection, and how drivers can plan for traffic.

CDOT members part of the project make themselves available to answer questions and alleviate any of the public’s concerns.

“The biggest question, probably, is the connection between North First Street and 340 in our final configuration,” Kaity Clark reveals, “We’ve clarified a lot of people’s questions; it’s not as direct a route as what they may have had in the past but it’s a very similar movement without a lot of outer route to get to the same destinations that we all wanna get to today.”

The project will improve the highway’s infrastructure, from widening the roadway to enhancing landscape and lighting.

“Although it’s easier posting flyers on the information, having an open house like this allows the general public the work that’s being done in the streets,” Cora Dickey reports.

The roundabout system set for First Street and Grand Avenue is only temporary, to help guide traffic in the construction zone. Even with a concrete plan at hand, CDOT officials prioritize drivers’ input and observations on road conditions.

“If we’re hearing a big uptick in complaints about a certain intersection or a certain corner, we really notice that. We factor that into our understanding of what’s happening on our roadways,” Elise Thatcher informs, “It’s extremely important to CDOT that we know what’s going on out on the roads and other places that we manage and that public feedback is incredibly helpful for us to know what’s going on.”

The project start date for I-70B construction is anticipated for or near May 10. All areas included in the entire project is scheduled to be done by March 2022.

If you missed out on this open house, a virtual engagement on the project is happening April 29 via Zoom, 6 p.m.-7 p.m. Members of the public can also submit questions ahead of time for the virtual public engagement by contacting the project team at or 970-309-1865.

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