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Mesa County currently has two community halls, one in Gateway, and the other in Mesa.

Mesa County Commissioners have noticed the community halls have become a center for those areas and want them offered across the county.

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“People come in, they take a lot of pride in it. They have everything from weddings to craft shows to all kinds of things that country folks do,” Scott McInnis, Commissioner said. “Same thing here, we think the same opportunities should be offered down in Loma/Mack with that population, we think the same opportunity should be improved in De Beque, and we think the opportunity should be greatly improved in Clifton.”

The Community Halls Project has been in the works since promised over 40 years ago. the current Commissioner’s board wants to make that promise right.

The Commissioner’s plan is to mirror the four new community halls of the two current centers in Gateway and in Mesa. The biggest factor is where they have decided to build.
“What other locations, how can we best represent the entire county. That’s why we came up with these locations in whitewater, Loma/Mack, Clifton, and up in De Beque,” McInnis said.

The first additions to the community halls will be in De Beque and Clifton.

This year the Commissioners plan is to look at utilities and any other access components.
“In other words prep it all ready to go and then next year, probably when frost is out in February, March we will start actually turning dirt,” Pete Baier, Mesa County Administrator said.

The added community halls plan to be completed across the next several years.
Residents will be able to gather as a community at the several locations across Mesa County at the convenience of a quick drive.

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