GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – In 2012, ground was broken at the future site of Community Hospital; now, nine years later, medical personnel unite for the beginning of a new facility.
“It’s been a steady progress we continue to grow and its really the combination of a lot of hard work by a lot of people and we are really lucky to have supporters like James Pulsipher help make this happen,” Chris Thomas, President of Community Hospital said.

With the support from staff and a generous donation of $1 million this vision is being turned into reality.
“I’ve seen a lot of the growth Community Hospital has experienced,” James Pulsipher, donor to Community Hospital explains, “I’ve been a corporate partner with them on the financing side for a lot of years and really just believe in the vision and goal they are putting out there.”

Cancer care is a team effort, involving dedicated staff and the trust patients have in the treatment at Community Hospital. Community, it’s not just the name of the organization, but also what they stand for.
“We believe that there’s going to be about 800 jobs created during this project and we will have about 100 jobs once it is completed,” Thomas said.

On top of providing local staffing positions, the new James Pulsipher Regional Cancer and Medical office building will also provide employment for local contractors.

Health officials say treatment of the disease on the Western Slope has been very limited, a problem Community Hospital wants to remedy.
“I do feel like this is super revolutionary,” Pulsipher said, “You know people who need this treatment right now are traveling and dealing with a really hard time in life already and this really brings it home in a lot of ways and so it is of huge importance to have that in the community and now at Community.”