Future Of Local Ice Arena Uncertain



The Glacier Ice Arena has been up for sale for six months. In an effort to encourage potential buyers to keep the property a rink, the family-run business owners tell KREX, they are selling the property as a turnkey business, one-million dollars below appraised value.

But the uncertainty as to the future of the rink has those who rely on the ice on edge. Walter Fox, who runs the local Coyotes Youth Hockey League says, if the rink were to go to a buyer that didn’t want the property for the arena- his operation would be all but done.

Owner Robbie Koos points out that The Glacier Ice Arena, is the only privately-owned rink in Western Colorado. That could change. She says that officials from Grand Junction recently toured the facility. During a phone-call to Grand Junction’s Parks and Rec Department, Director Ken Sherbenou, confirmed to KREX the city is weighing its options when it comes to buying the rink, but has no immediate plans in place.

The Koos family, who were born into the ice business, and descendants of Frank Zmboni (the inventor of the Zamboni Machine) insist the arena is a viable business that is at an all-time high in popularity. But, as members of the family reach retirement age, Robbie Koos says, “It is simply time to move on.”

What is ahead for the arena, is anyone’s guess. But for the Coyotes Hockey League and others who use the ice, the uncertainty is worrying. Fox says, “These kids and families worked so hard to put the time and effort in, for their kids to have a good time and grow. And all that could just be taken away in an instant.”

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