Music has been shown to have positive effects on a child’s academic performance. This month’s School District 51 Golden Apple winner, Jami Lewis, makes sure the kids at Shelley Elementary get to experience the music.

According to Louis Armstrong “Music is life itself.” And studies have shown music education in elementary schools has a profound effect on a child’s academic development. It helps with language skills, social abilities, and gives kids a creative outlet.

Music is defined as the art of arranging sounds in such a way that it has rhythm, melody, and harmony, and it’s as old as humanity itself. 

When asked about the positive benefits of music, Lewis said “Music is a universal language, so it is world wide something that people can experience with cultures and other people around the world.”

With music’s proven ability to reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and stimulate memories, we can all benefit from from experiencing it. Music is a huge part of Lewis’s everyday life, and she hopes to pass some of her passion on to her students. 

“And I hope that I’m valuing to my students, and this goes for all of you, that they find someway to attach themselves to music whether it’s a song that they love or just listening to it when they need it. Whether they’re playing with it, but somehow in their life music becomes a part of what they experience.“

Music education is an important aspect of a well rounded education. Thank you Mrs. Lewis for helping kids find joy through music.