GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Keeping our schools running smooth takes a lot more than just great teachers. School custodians function as an important part of the educational system and support staff. This month’s School District 51 Golden Apple winner works behind the scenes to keep Redlands Middle School safe and clean for the kids.

Lead custodian, Kathryn Jackson, and her custodial team contribute to student learning everyday by creating safe, clean, attractive, and efficient facilities. However, if you ask her what her favorite part of the job is, without hesitation she’ll tell you, “It’s the kids. It’s the kids that keep me going everyday, just coming in and having that relationship with so many students over so many years.”

The custodians are the first to enter the building each morning, and the last ones to leave. We may not always see them, but their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Jory Sorensen, the principal at Redlands Middle School said “Every good community has service. Right? We should all be good servers of others. And custodians, they’re selfless, they’re always working on our behalf to make our place better, to help us have a good learning environment and a safe place to be. We love Mrs. Kate, and we appreciate everything she does and brings.” 

Custodians really are an integral part of our school systems. Thank you Mrs. Jackson and the custodial team at Redlands Middle School for their dedication to keeping the school running smooth.