GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — It’s springtime, but the trees and the flowers aren’t the only thing blossoming. The kids in Mrs. Luebs 2nd grade class at Nisley Elementary are in full bloom too. Ahna Luebs is our May School District 51 Golden Apple winner. 

Mrs. Luebs told us it was when she was a 2nd grader that she knew she wanted to be a teacher, so it’s no wonder she loves teaching this age group. When asked what she loves about it, Mrs. Luebs told us, “It’s just that year that everything is just kind of clicking, and they’re excited about school. It’s just a year where you see so much growth, they’re learning to read and write.”

The D51 parent who nominated Mrs. Luebs told us that her son has really blossomed in her class, and it’s because Mrs. Luebs helps each student set and achieve goals. Dorothy Wolf, principal at Nisley Elementary, agrees. “She really cares about her students and building relationships is important and I think through her work with setting goals and ensuring that they’re learning just shows them how much she cares for them.” 

Thank you Mrs. Luebs for helping the kids in your class become successful learners, and congratulations for winning a KREX Golden Apple Award.