GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Preschool teaches children how to be lifelong learners, and a great pre-k teacher can make all the difference. This month’s Golden Apple winner, Jennifer Bonger, has a passion for teaching that inspires kids to love learning.

While it might appear like much of Mrs. Jennifer’s day is spent playing with the kids, kids actually learn best through play. In preschool, learning is play. Mrs. Jennifer told us, “They learn most when they’re playing. It’s more important to them and it’s more meaningful to them when they make discoveries when they’re playing.”

Preschool is about so much more than just academics, it’s about creating a well-rounded child who is eager, excited, and ready to learn. Preschool is an important stepping stone that puts kids on the path to success. Mrs. Jennifer said, “It’s more important than people think it is. It’s not just that we’re babysitting kids, we’re building foundations for the rest of their school life, so I think pre-k is really important.”

Thank you Mrs. Jennifer for teaching our kids how to be lifelong learners, and congratulations for winning a Golden Apple Award.