MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) – Fifth grade is a bit of an in-between stage in life. You’re no longer a little kid, but you’re not a teen yet either. It’s your last year of elementary school, so there’s a lot to learn. Doug Goodwin is a 5th grade teacher and he’s our April Montrose County Golden Apple Winner.

Fifth grade teachers are preparing kids for success by teaching them life skills like kindness and honesty, as well as academics. One way Mr. Goodwin likes to teach is through storytelling. He told us “One of the things that I do a lot, and I do in a very purposeful way, is I tell quite a few different stories. And the stories have to do with experiences that I’ve had, and they serve a couple purposes, they help the kids learn about life, and they also help the kids learn about me.”

The kids in his class are engaged and eager to learn. They agree that Mr. Goodwin is an outstanding educator. Student Ben Omvig said, “Mr. Goodwin does tell us more stories and he always does model stuff for us so we don’t get confused with stuff.” Another student, Aliana Linares, told us, “He has all these fun activities that involve creativity and stuff like that. And he makes learning fun.”

Thank you Mr. Goodwin for your dedication as a 5th grade teacher and congratulations for winning a KREX Golden Apple Award. 

The Montrose Golden Apple Awards are sponsored by T-E-I Rock Drills. Thanks to Montrose Donut & Deli and Montrose Auto Connection for their support and donations.