Kindergarten provides kids the opportunity to learn and practice essential skills, from problem solving to social skills, Misty Miller is a kindergarten teacher at Oak Grove Elementary, and she sets a strong foundation for her kids entire educational journey.

While kindergarten may be the start to a kids formal education, it’s about so much more than just numbers and letters. 

When asked about the importance of Kindergarten, Mrs. Miller said “It’s the foundation. It’s the foundation of all education. If it wasn’t for teachers, there wouldn’t be anything. There’s a lot of social and emotional things that we teach the kids, just the basic foundation for – just life skills.”

Mrs. Miller has been teaching for 22 years, and as her peers and her nominator tells us, she’s good at it. 

Oak Grove Elementary Principal told us “It’s amazing to work with teachers that have this much experience, as Mrs. Miller does. And i’m always super confident that kids who come through her classroom are ready, not just for 1st grade, but for everything that comes after.”

It’s no wonder that the kids in Mrs. Miller’s class are happy to be there. Congratulations Mrs. Miller, and thanks for being an outstanding educator. 

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