MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) –The equation of a line is y=mx+b. The equation of a good math teacher is a strong love for numbers plus a little care and concern. Add those together, and you’re left with Olathe Middle and High School math teacher, Joy Robinson.

Miss Robinson was nominated for a Golden Apple Award by one of her students, who told us she’s a dedicated teacher who demonstrates how concepts in math are actually relevant to the real world, she makes math meaningful. 

When we asked Miss Robinson about it, she said, “Math is not just about solving equations, it’s not just putting numbers into formulas. Math truly is based in how you solve problems, how you think about the world around you, building logical or sensible conclusions to any problem that you’re facing.”

Math is all around us, everyday. We’re surrounded by numbers. We use math when we tell time, manage our finances, and even cook dinner. Math is a fascinating subject, and Miss Robinson agrees. She told us one of her favorite math facts. 

“One of my favorite things in math is the golden sequence, or the Fibonacci Sequence. It creates a golden spiral which you can see from the smallest atom and how those are related, through flowers and pine cones, and up to our galaxy is the same spiral. and that shape is related all throughout the world and all throughout the galaxy, so I think that is very neat.” 

Thank you Miss Robinson for inspiring kids to develop a love of numbers and helping create the next generation of mathematicians, engineers, and scientists.