MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) – At Montrose High School, in room 105, you’ll find Mrs. Schwerdtfeger and her students learning the world of digital art, and in today’s high tech society, digital art is a part of our daily lives. Mrs. Schwerdtfeger was nominated and chosen as our May Montrose Golden Apple winner. 

What is digital art? It can be lots of things. It’s print layouts, photographs, animation, digital paintings, and videography. Mrs. Schwerdtfeger knows that learning digital art can lead to all kinds of careers. She told us, “The sky’s the limit these days. Right? They can do anything from social media, go on and do things in marketing, really whatever they want to do.” 

The sky really is the limit when making any sort of art. All it takes is a little creativity, which is something Mrs. Schwerdtfeger values in her classroom. “I just think when we think creatively, we have more energy, we’re more excited about life, we’re more invested in what we do, we have more to offer the world, and it also expands our thinking.”

So next time you’re reading a magazine, or watching TV, take a moment, and think about the artists behind the scenes. Thanks you Mrs. Schwerdtfeger for teaching kids to think creatively in a digital world, and congratulations for winning a Golden Apple award. 

The Montrose Golden Apple Awards are sponsored by T-E-I Rock Drills. And Thanks to Montrose Donut & Deli and Montrose Auto Connection for their support and donations.