MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — Healthy kids get better grades, miss less school, and behave better in class. Healthy kids are just better learners. Deb Fuentes is a Health Paraprofessional, and she’s our November Montrose Golden Apple winner.

Mrs. Deb deals with everything from headaches to diabetes. When a kid finds themselves in her office, she goes right to work. She gives them water, takes their temperature, and begins to access the situation. She told us, “If they’ve got a sore throat I’ll look down their throat. If they’ve got a headache I’ll give them water instantly and let them rest. If they’ve got a tummy ache I always keep some peppermints hidden in a drawer so we give them a couple peppermints and let them rest for a little bit, and if they’re still not feeling good after about ten minutes we usually call home.”

No matter what brings kids into her office her goal is always the same, to make them feel better. She told us, she loves doing it. She said, “If I can help a kid make it through the day, or have a better day, then I’ve succeeded in what I wanted to do.” 

Thank you Mrs. Deb for keeping kids healthy everyday and congratulations for winning a Golden Apple award.