Increase in COVID cases may lead to a return of mask mandates


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – (KREX) There has been a steady increase in local COVID cases since August, according to Mesa County Public Health. As community members continue to battle the Delta variant, Mesa County may begin to see masks and other mandates return.

One local business has kept it’s mask mandate since the beginning of the pandemic and more small businesses could soon follow. Homestyle Bakery, has taken the counties high case count into their own hands.

By mandating all customers and staff to be masked and allowing a limited number of people in the store at one time, Homestyle Bakery is doing their part to slow the spread.

A national survey from Kabbage, an American Express company shows at least a third of business owners across the country are following this trend to keep employees and customers safe. “With smaller businesses it depends on their individual circumstances and how much interaction they have with the public, and who their customer base is,” Diane Schwenke, Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce said.

Homestyle Bakery has continued its COVID mandates as a way to best protect their employees and the community as a whole, a choice that more business in Mesa County may be enacting soon. “We are starting to see more people wearing masks, more people looking for or encouraging those wearing masks before they go into a store setting,” Schwenke said, “Customers I think can drive this and if customers are driving it, I think our business community will act in a way that we will see some of these things coming back.”

The national survey conducted by Kabbage also found business with fewer than 20 employees were the least likely to adopt and enforce certain COVID restrictions.

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