GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — The upcoming election is just two weeks away in Mesa County.

A lot of important items to consider.

Residents, listen up, some of the items on the ballot could affect your children and your pocketbook.

There are three School District 51 races, District C includes Austin DeWitt, Trish Mahre, and Andrea Haitz, representing central Grand Junction.

District D includes Nick Allen and Willie Jones, representing south Grand Junction and District E includes David Combs and Angela Lema, representing east Grand Junction. I’ll take a deeper dive and introduce you to them later in the newscast.

A yes or no vote on Amendment 78. A yes vote would transfer the power of custodial funds — state revenue not generated thru taxes — from the State Treasurer to the State Legislature. A no vote would retain funds with the State Treasurer’s Office.

Proposition 119, a yes vote would increase state taxes on retail marijuana and generate $137,600,000 per year — a five percent increase. Funds will help support an out-of-school program.

Voters will also have to decide whether to rebuild Grand Junction High School for just three dollars per $100,000 dollar valuation on their home per year.

Plus, Colorado redistricting commission has redrawn new maps for the state House and Senate, after voters passed ballot measures in 2018 to eliminate a partisan redistricting process.

$3.7 billion dollars to improve Colorado’s highways and help mitigate wildfires is at stake in Washington, D.C. as the fight for President Biden’s $3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure plan remains stalled in Congress.

That tops my political radar this week, but tune in every Friday for the latest roundup.