GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Huge turnout earlier today as the City of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation Department, celebrated their 19th annual Southwest Arbor Day Festival at Lincoln Park.

The Southwest Arbor Festival began at 12PM in Lincoln Park. Those in attendance were able to enjoy food trucks, live music and a guided tree tour. Attendees also casted votes for their favorite brewery and purchased raffle tickets for a free tree.

Grand Junction’s urban forestry distributed hundreds of seedlings to residents at the event while others participated in a silent tree auction.

“To me any event that brings a community together gives us all a chance to interact with each other to learn more about each other and to learn that we are all apart of the same community. all ages, all demographics, and we are here to make this place a better place cause its our home,” says festival attendee, Hannah.

“So today was Grand Junction’s official Arbor day I couldn’t tell you exactly how many people but we’ve had several hundred people come through today picking up free seedlings participating in our silent tree auction, putting some bids in on urban wood, taking advantage of the new private ash tree treatment program, and just generally coming out to kinda take part in the Arbor Day celebration for Grand Junction,” says City Forester, Rob Davis.

Looks like it was a great turn out for the Arbor Day Festival and a win for mother nature.