GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Grand Junction celebrates a man who fought for a more just and equal society. The 7th Cesar Chavez Celebration is all about unity, acceptance, wellness, and diversity.

Like Cesar, Committee Founder Jose Chavez believes these four things are part of what makes people proud to be an American.

“We look at Martin Luther King, all the stuff he did on the East Coast. We look at Cesar Chavez and what he did on the West Coast, Cesar Chavez Celebration Committee Founder Jose Chavez describes, “They were together and it’s within the movement.”

Cesar Chavez stood for what he believed in and wanted for everyone, including a living wage for workers and their right to negotiate so family needs get accommodated.

Starting at 11 a.m, people can dip in the culture of his character and learn about his legacy.

“To celebrate when he fought for is a great thing, and to keep his legacy going,” Chavez expresses, “If you were a farm worker and you were in the labor and you weren’t treated fairly, he fought for that and that’s what his main course was.”

The Cesar Chavez Celebration is free because it is all for charity. Everyone is encouraged to bring nonperishable items to fill up the epitome of Cesar’s work: the Child and Migrant Center.

“All that food we get, it goes to the Child and Migrant Center, so they can fill the pantry; so it goes back to feeding families and that’s what his legacy was.”

At least 100 cars are scheduled to be in the car show where the committee hopes for an event turnout of at least a thousand people. Chavez was more concerned about equality for everyone, not details like someone’s color and creed which is why the annual celebration welcomes all people.

“We want unity, we want people to look at the diversity within Mesa County,” Chavez states, “We don’t care who comes to our event, they are all accepted.”

With vendors, performances, and food trucks, the Cesar Chavez Celebration is one thing that keeps his legacy alive.