GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — #RONINrally21 is a two-month campaign aimed at raising money for the non-profit Partners.

It is organized by RONIN Real Estate Professionals, a new grassroots company in Mesa County with a goal in mind: helping children get the support they need through fundraising, the purchase of a rally towel, or cash donation.

Mark Wingerter, owner at RONIN Real Estate Professional says, “hoping to not only bring them a big check at the end of this month but bring awareness to the fact that hey you’re looking to give your time, help the kids in the valley, there’s a great opportunity with partners.”

Lending a helping hand and helping our youth develop is the goal behind Partners, a mentoring program.

Mentors are paired with an individual of similar interests who participate in activities together.

Blake Ammon, Mentoring Program Manager at Partners says, “some type of mentor had a positive influence on you and if you can think back at that person and what they did for you, just knowing that you can probably provide that for a kid is really important.”

RONIN Real Estate’s initial goal was $2,000, but that goal is expected to be surpassed.

Organizers say the more money invested into the community the better, “the more we can give back to the community, the more it betters the community. The more we can help to improve the entire area the better off we all are.”

Ammon added, “it’s huge for us, that just means that we have support within the community. Just another group of people out there supporting partners, spreading the word about Partners, not only for financial reasons to help fundraise but to also help us recruit mentors too.”

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